Access the Dragon’s Lair

a dragon in the foreground breathing fire on an intruder into its arched gold-filled lair

How would you like access to all of our publications, modular and interconnected, for only $5/month?

Yes, you’re reading that right — all of our content, plus exclusives, all linked together for accessibility and ease of use, all for 16¢/day!

The Dragon’s Lair is a wiki-like modular interface for our 5e content that gives you instant access to our content with embedded links to other sections to eliminate the need to scroll through a PDF to find the right entry. We want to make our content as affordable, accessible, and functional for everyone as possible, so we designed the Lair for this purpose.

For only $5/month, you get access to the Lair without needing to buy the individual books, plus copies of all of our Foundry VTT modules! For $15/month, you also get access to full electronic copies of all of our published books as we release them.

At higher tiers, we have

Plus you get access to our company Discord to chat with our team and more!

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