Top 10 Reasons to Click the Button: Limitless Champions Adventures: DnD 5e + Disability Representation

Limitless Champions Adventures: Forest background; D♿️D 5e Inclusive; 5 disabled D&D characters, hardcover book mock-up

We have exciting news! The pre-launch page for Limitless Champions Adventures is live! We’ve got a groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign on the horizon, and here are the top 10 reasons why you should click that “Notify Me” button right away:

  1. Historic Inclusivity: Be part of history by supporting the first-ever published collection of D&D Adventures featuring a wide variety of disabilities represented. Join the movement for a more inclusive gaming world! 
    Click here to get notified 👈
  2. You get to push the button! Unlike the elevator buttons where you had to take turns with your siblings to push them, you can push this one yourself without waiting! Push it now! Don’t wait your turn! 🔘👈
  3. Versatile Adventures: These adventures can be used in any campaign world and at any 5e table. Whether you’re exploring the urban sprawl, braving the arctic tundra, scaling mountain peaks, wandering enchanted forests, or spelunking in dark caves, we’ve got you covered. Now you have my attention!
    Blue dragonborn with dwarfism sitting on a sack in a wheeled sled aiming a shortbow, 2 javelins in sled on snow, sunset background
  4. Free Adventure for Early Backers! Get a free bonus horror mystery adventure, The Insiders, if you back it for any reward tier within the first 48 hours of launching. I don’t want to miss out!
    Early Backer Bonus Adventure: The Insiders
  5. There is no 5th reason. Perfect! I like clicking buttons for no reason!
  6. Hardcover Book: Get your hands on a beautifully crafted hardcover book filled with gripping narratives and diverse characters. Sounds like a good addition to my game shelf!
  7. Cards and Handouts: Dive deeper into the adventures with tarot-sized character and encounter cards and immersive handouts. It’s all about the details! What a great deal! (Catch what I did there? 🃏)
    3 cards in shade outside
  8. Digital Options: We’ve got you covered in the digital realm too! Access our adventures in PDF and other accessible digital formats like plain text, audio, and ePub for easy integration into your campaigns, and all copies include downloadable 4K digital maps for every encounter. I am proficient in clicking!
  9. Miniature Add-Ons: Enhance your tabletop experience with miniatures available as add-ons, plus links to extra free downloadable STLs or low-cost printed miniatures to complete the adventures. Paint ‘em, display ‘em, and bring your adventures to life! Color me intrigued!
    a row of 8 disabled fantasy miniatures
  10. Inclusion Tips: The book includes a section to help you make your game more accessible and add representation into your game. That alone sounds like a valuable resource!

So, what are you waiting for? Click that “Notify Me” button, join our quest for limitless adventures, and help us make gaming more inclusive than ever before!

Yes! I like pushing people’s buttons! 😏

Stimpy pushing History Eraser Button

Small Miniatures, Big Impact: Disabled Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Now Available

grid of disabled fantasy minis and devices depicting their art against a black background with the navy blue Wyrmworks dragon head logo

I keep seeing headlines like, “(Some name) becomes first Black/Latino/etc. (some respected position),” and every time, I think, “Wow, what year is it that this is the first time?” But besides women, disabled people are the largest marginalized demographic in the world. Their “firsts” are still rare. For most of those same positions, “…becomes first disabled…,” hasn’t happened yet.

But we tabletop gamers live in worlds filled with minotaurs and merfolk, halflings and centaurs, so we of all people should have no problem imagining people with diverse abilities in every segment of society. And yet we encounter fewer disabled people anywhere in TTRPG worlds than in executive real-world positions.

We want this year to be “that year” in every TTRPG world where that representation isn’t happening yet, and we want to help you make that happen. To that end, we developed the largest, most diverse collection of disabled fantasy minis ever made, now available as downloadable STLs or printed miniatures.

Fighting ableism with stat blocks

Disability representation in tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) fosters inclusive gaming environments. It creates a diverse and welcoming experience. Disabled miniatures enhance the overall storytelling and offer a more authentic and empathetic gaming experience. By incorporating disabled miniatures, RPGs acknowledge and validate the experiences of individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and breaking down barriers. Players with disabilities can recognize themselves reflected in the game, communicating belonging and empowerment.

I never see my condition represented in any media, and now, I’m in D&D!

A Limitless Heroics backer

Diverse miniatures featuring representative characters also broaden the narrative possibilities within TTRPGs. They allow players to explore different perspectives, experiences, and challenges that disabled characters may face. This not only enhances storytelling but also encourages empathy and understanding among players. This representation promotes dialogue, encourages education, and contributes to a culture of acceptance and respect.

a row of 8 disabled fantasy miniatures

Accessible Conditions

Most TTRPG content is still only available in paper or PDF, two of the least accessible formats for blind and low-vision players, especially watermarked PDF, which screen readers can’t access, and PDF without image alt text, which is common due to all layout software except Adobe InDesign refuses to include image alt text capability. For miniatures, condition rings may be color-coded or use embossed text, which gives the same accessibility issues.

So we offer plain text versions of our products and audio and ePub for most, plus the Lair, our online compendium that’s accessible to browser tools and screen readers and offers the most affordable option to access all of our content.

grid of 16 condition marker bases

For miniatures, we’ve included condition monitors as bases that give visual and tactile indications of their meaning, and as bases, they’re easy to use—players just set the mini on the base. The bottom of each base also has a braille label as an additional accessibility measure.

Access the Discount

Through the month of August 2023, the Limitless Champions miniatures are available at Kickstarter prices, which is the lowest price we can offer. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Find them all at our store.

What the New Barbie With Down Syndrome Can Teach Us About Inclusivity in TTRPGs

Best Seller Barbie Fashionistas Doll # 208, Doll with Down Syndrome Wearing Floral Dress and pink leg braces

The new Barbie with Down syndrome and her impact

Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie, recently announced a new doll in their Barbie line with Down syndrome, added to a line that includes dolls with wheelchairs and one with a hearing aid.

As we see this gradual shift in representation in toys, we normalize disabilities in the lives of children. That way, we transform a “plastic” toy into a subtle tool to normalize people with disabilities in their lives, preventing othering and expanding their awareness and acceptance.

This new doll allows children with Down syndrome to play with toys that look like them and represent their experience, just as toys have added more racial and cultural representation in recent decades.

But this toy is for other kids, too, so the fantasy worlds they create in their pretend play includes disabled people as much as any others. And the more we get accurate and respectful portrayals in multiple forms of media, the more understanding, empathy, and acceptance will be mirrored in children’s play and their subsequent real-world interactions and relationships.

I’ve seen this impact in my own children. Because my work and passion lead to many conversations at home about disabilities and inclusion, and they love the service animals in Limitless Heroics, when we met a student at their school with a service dog, they reacted as they would to someone’s cool new backpack—they thought it was cool but not strange. When they encounter people in their lives with disabilities, they notice the differences and are sensitive to them, but they don’t think of them as “those people.” They are “my friends.”

What can we learn from Barbie about inclusivity in TTRPGs?

halfling bard with dragon ears, Down syndrome, beating drum with mallets with lute on his back
Ollie, the halfling/dragonborn bard with Down syndrome from Limitless Champions

The new Barbie doll with Down syndrome has something to teach us about the importance of representation in TTRPGs. By demonstrating the importance of accuracy and inclusion of disabilities and other characteristics in our characters, Barbie provides an opportunity to continue a much-needed conversation about inclusivity within the realm of gaming.

  • How can featuring characters with disabilities, such as Down syndrome, in a respectful and dignified manner enhance inclusivity in TTRPGs?
  • What steps can game developers take to accurately reflect people with disabilities in stories and characters in TTRPGs?
  • How can TTRPG players create diverse and inclusive gaming environments that accommodate everyone, including those with disabilities?
  • How can we better listen to and consider feedback from players with disabilities in order to ensure inclusivity in all aspects of the game?

By learning from Barbie and paying attention to the importance of including diverse and accurate representations of disabilities, we can help create and foster more inclusive and respectful TTRPG communities.

3. Steps Ramps to Improvements in Representation in TTRPGs

a halfling bard with dragonborn ears and Down Syndrome
Ollie as a miniature in Limitless Champions

Although Barbie has taught us about the importance of representation in TTRPGs, there is still much work to be done when it comes to improving the game’s representation of those with disabilities. Here are some helpful movements to consider when trying to ensure that people with disabilities are properly represented in TTRPGs:

  • Creating characters with disabilities that are complex and multi-dimensional.
  • Making sure characters’ disabilities do not define them and limit them in any negative way.
  • Ongoing conversations with willing players who have disabilities to help shape that representation in game rules and worldbuilding.
  • Consider what accessibility looks like in your game world.
  • Making sure players with disabilities have the resources and support they need, both physical and social.
  • Considering how any special features, skills, equipment, or backstory related to a character’s disability impacts both the game and the players.
  • Use artwork, props, and miniatures with disability representation.

What does a better future look like?

“You’re playing D&D? Who’s winning?” Has anyone ever asked you that? TTRPGs are uniquely cooperative. Properly played, everyone wins, because the success is more than loot or levels—it’s a welcoming environment and enjoyment for everyone. So imagine this box text describing the real world:

As you enter the room, you see a diverse group of adventurers gathered around a table, each with their own unique character sheets. One player, with a character that has a physical disability, shares their backstory with the group. The other players listen attentively and ask questions to better understand the character’s experience.

As they start to create their characters, the players encourage each other to consider incorporating diverse backgrounds and experiences. They work together to ensure that each character is balanced and equal in strength and credibility, regardless of any disabilities they may have.

As the quest unfolds, the players encounter a wide variety of NPCs, and some have disabilities as part of their larger descriptions and interactions.

Throughout their game, the players celebrate each other’s successes and work together to create solutions that benefit everyone. They make sure that all players, including those with disabilities, feel included and supported both in and out of the game.

As you watch, you realize that this group of adventurers has truly embraced the importance of inclusivity and diversity in TTRPGs. They have created a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy their adventures together.

A More Inclusive Community: Donate to our Community Copies Program

3 tablets showing book covers

At Wyrmworks Publishing, we believe that everyone deserves to be represented in the games they play. That’s why we created Limitless Heroics, a comprehensive disability compendium for tabletop roleplaying games. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, but we know that not everyone can afford to buy a copy of the book.

That’s where our Community Copies program comes in. For every copy someone donates, we match the donation and make two copies available for free. It’s a way for us to give back to the community and make sure that everyone who wants to use Limitless Heroics can do so, regardless of their financial situation. And as we publish more books, we will add them to this program.

When you donate a Community Copy, you’re not just helping someone else get access to the book. You’re also showing your support for disability representation in tabletop gaming. You’re helping us spread the word about this important resource and making sure that people with disabilities are included in the games we play.

More Donations via Patreon

We also have a Patreon program, and at the beginning of each month, we donate additional copies of Limitless Heroics based on the number and tiers of our patrons.

If you’re in a position to help, we encourage you to consider making a donation to our Community Copies program. By doing so, you’ll be helping us ensure that everyone has access to our resources, regardless of their financial situation.

To donate, simply click on the “Purchase Community Copies” button. You can then choose the number of copies you’d like to donate, and complete your purchase. We’ll take care of the rest, ensuring that your donation goes directly to providing free copies of our products to those who need them.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can build a more inclusive and welcoming community for all tabletop role-playing game enthusiasts.