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The Lair is accessible to the Wyrmguard, our unified community of supporters, managed through our Patreon or our subscription service. When you sign up for our Patreon and login to our website with your Patreon account, you will get access according to your level of support.

While the details and extras are all on our Patreon pages, most people will choose either the Dragon Egg or Wyrmling level.

Dragon Egg gives you access to most of the Lair. Unlike services like D&D Beyond, you do not need to purchase the books appearing in the Lair to access the content here. You can use it all as long as you keep your subscription active.

Wyrmling gives you everything in the Dragon Egg lair as well as downloadable electronic copies of all of our books, which are yours to keep even if you reduce or cancel your support.

The Wyrmguard includes supporters through both Patreon and our subscription service. These tiers are identical to our Patreon, but you save $1/month due to no Foundry VTT integration. If you’re a Foundry user, you can support us via Patreon to get all of our Foundry VTT modules.

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