Limited Time DnD 5E Campaign Expansion Pack

Extraordinary Journeys: 6 titles from 6 publishers. Big city floating in clouds

Discover New Realms with Our Limited-Time Bundle!

Elevate your Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaigns with a treasure trove of new content! This limited-time bundle on DriveThruRPG brings together exciting titles from multiple publishers. Get incredible value and fresh adventures for your table. For a limited time, you can get this amazing collection at a significant discount.

  • Total Value: $32.37
  • Special Bundle Price: $17.77
  • Savings: $14.60 (45%)

Included Titles:

  1. Maze of Mezeria for 5e by Earl of Fife Games

    • A thrilling 53-page adventure filled with labyrinthine secrets and survival challenges, best for 1st or 2nd level characters.
    • Features new adversaries, a fully keyed map, and fatigue mechanics to test your players.

  2. Stoneharbor (Andovir Atlas) by Wyrmworks Publishing

    • A vibrant port city that integrates accessibility and diverse cultures, perfect for any campaign world.
    • Includes adventure hooks, new ancestries, backgrounds, and NPCs to enrich your stories.

  3. Cavern Crawl #047 – Vein Vengeance (5e) by Grim Press

    • A 4th-level adventure featuring new monsters, magic items, and detailed battle maps.
    • Perfect for a party of four to six players.

  4. Asger Earthsculptor — People of the Vale by T.M. van Dalen RPG

    • Focuses on a wizard obsessed with earth magic, including a unique encounter and exploration-focused mini-boss battle.

  5. Into the Paper World: Ashcan Edition by Echidna Design

    • A whimsical and dark setting inspired by forgotten creative works, featuring new monsters, magic items, and adventure hooks.

  6. Siege of the Silver Stag (5e) by Scoundrel Game Labs

    • A horror survival one-shot where players must withstand waves of zombies while managing NPC interactions.

Don’t Miss Out!

This bundle is an unbeatable way to inject fresh life into your campaigns with diverse adventures and rich settings. Whether you’re exploring the depths of a maze, navigating a bustling port city, or surviving a siege, this collection has something for every D&D 5E fan. Grab it now before it’s gone and bring new excitement to your gaming table!

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Download at DriveThruRPG