Inclusive Artwork: Commercial Fantasy Stock Art with Disability Representation for TTRPG

Inclusive Artwork: Fantasy Stock Art with Disability Representation for TTRPGs; purple tiefling with magic eye staff

Dive into the world of limitless creativity with our Inclusive Artwork Stock Art Collection, now available with commercial licenses at DriveThruRPG! Elevate your tabletop roleplaying games with a stunning array of diverse and inclusive illustrations, meticulously crafted to enhance your storytelling experience.

What’s Included:

  • Inclusive Artwork: Explore a rich assortment of high-quality stock art, featuring characters with disabilities and service animals.

Why Choose Our Collection:

  • Exceptional Quality: Our artwork is created by talented artists dedicated to providing top-tier illustrations that breathe life into your campaigns.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Embrace the power of representation with characters from all walks of life, ensuring every player feels seen and valued.
  • Commercial Licenses: Use these illustrations in your commercial products, publications, or streams, and let your creativity flourish.

Save with Bundles:

  • Explore our bundle options and enjoy incredible savings on a curated selection of stock art.

Get the Entire Collection and Save 61%:

Join us in celebrating diversity and inclusivity in tabletop gaming. Elevate your adventures and immerse your players in a world where everyone’s story can be told.

Note: The Inclusive Artwork Collection is hosted on DriveThruRPG to make sure the artists get royalties, where you can access full licensing details and make your purchase. Thank you for supporting our mission to make tabletop gaming more inclusive and inspiring.

Wyrm’s Workshop: Personalized D&D Design Experience

an open book with an orange glow behind it

Welcome to Wyrm’s Workshop, your gateway to crafting personalized D&D adventures in the accesspunk campaign world of Andovir! Collaborate with our team of professionals to design spells, magic items, creatures, subclasses, NPCs, locations, and more.

By supporting these design options, you’ll not only see your content published in our online compendium, The Dragon’s Lair, but also contribute to future books, expanding inclusivity, and supporting disabled, neurodivergent, and mentally and chronically ill creators.

Your creations will become canon in the rich tapestry of the Andovir setting, ensuring a lasting impact on the D&D community.

  • Collaborate with professionals: Work closely with our experienced designers and artists to bring your vision to life.
  • Content publication: See your creations published in The Dragon’s Lair, the premier digital compendium of Wyrmworks Publishing.
  • Credit as a creator: Be credited as the creator of your design in any publications featuring your content.
  • Comprehensive formats: Receive your final design in PDF, txt, and mp3 audio formats, along with a custom color illustration.
  • Commercial license: Receive a commercial license to use the finished product and accompanying artwork.
  • Contributing to inclusivity: Support the hiring of disabled, neurodivergent, and mentally and chronically ill creators, and help expand the inclusive content within the Lair.

In the past, submissions have all included disability, neurodiversity, and/or mental or chronic illness. We are happy to include those concepts with your submission, but they aren’t necessary. We are building a world that welcomes all people. Our team will collaborate with you to ensure the creation of content that is free from any potential issues.

Reactions from Previous Collaborators

My father (for my birthday) told me he got a magic item dedicated to me and it was SUPER COOL!!! I cried when he told me!

I’m taking pics of this to show to the family. They’re THRILLED seeing my mother immortalized like this.

It’s such an amazing product! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am!

Production Time

The following productions times are estimates based on creator availability and your timely responses to questions. As this is a popular gift for December holidays, and creators’ lives get busier during that time, if you’d like the work done in time for your holiday celebration, please note the following deadlines.

Creation Production Weeks Holiday Deadline
Spell 3 25-Oct
Magic Item 3 25-Oct
Simple Miniature 4 18-Oct
Faction 4 18-Oct
Service Animal 4 18-Oct
Monster 5 11-Oct
Subclass 5 11-Oct
Vehicle 6 4-Oct
Ancestry 7 27-Sep
City Location 6 4-Oct
NPC 6 4-Oct
City 9 13-Sep

Note: If you include a miniature, allow an additional 5 weeks.

Alternately, some like to give the experience itself as a gift!

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a Wyrm’s Workshop design option, you certify that you have legal rights for the commercial use of all content submitted. You grant Wyrmworks Publishing permission to use the submitted content to create an entry for publication in The Dragon’s Lair and potential future works. While Wyrmworks Publishing will not publish submitted photography, it may publish artistic likenesses. Wyrmworks Publishing retains all rights to works created via this process but will credit you as the creator in any publications using the content. You will receive a commercial license to use the finished product and accompanying artwork. Please note that editorial adjustments may be made for game design, cultural sensitivity, or compatibility with the Andovir setting, while still considering your preferences and desires as much as possible.

20 Disabled D&D Character Wallpapers in 8 Resolutions

Wallpaper of dragonborn with dwarfism on snowy tundra

Show your support for inclusivity in tabletop gaming with these 20 wallpapers featuring disabled D&D character art from Limitless Champions. Each wallpaper is available in 8 different resolutions, making it compatible with your computer, phone, iPhone, iPad, and social media profiles. Whether you’re a DM or a player, these wallpapers are perfect for adding some diversity to your gaming setup.