Brace (half-orc cleric)

image & figure of half-orc in platemail with yellow accents, round shield strapped to handless right arm, ring hanging from necklace, 2 handaxes hanging on belt, embossed arms on breastplate

Brace is a half-orc cleric who is missing his right hand due to amputation. He wears platemail with yellow accents and has a round shield strapped to his handless arm. He also wears a ring that dispels his doubts and insecurities about his self-worth. Brace has a unique ability called Better Together, which allows him to strengthen his friends by creating a magical connection among them for 10 minutes. Brace struggles with intrusive thoughts about his own self-worth, especially related to his sense of masculinity and being worthy of love.

Veralynn Sweetbriar (elf druid)

image & figure of elf with long brown hair, green leaf-motif dress, sitting in wooden wheelchair, 3 potion bottles in side pocket of wheelchair

Veralynn Sweetbriar is a high elf druid who lives with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She is an elf with long brown hair and wears a green leaf-motif dress while sitting in a wooden wheelchair. Veralynn has a love for nature and spends most of her time communing with it. However, chronic pain, fatigue, intrusive thoughts, and confusion can get in the way. Veralynn uses assistive devices such as her Countryside Conveyance wheelchair and salve to manage her symptoms.

Rork (kobold druid)

image & figure of red kobold in a cape holding a ball of twine

Rork is a red kobold who struggles with feelings of anxiety and panic disorder. He grew up in a large city but found it overwhelming and eventually left to live in the peace and quiet of the forest. Rork is a caring individual who enjoys getting straight to the point but is careful about how he spends his social energy. When he gets anxious, he will fiddle with a loose wicker ball attached to a belt by a rope, which is a chain of small hoops that he can spin around or unfold at his pleasure. Rork is happiest in the forest, surrounded by the soothing presence of woodland creatures, and he will avoid large cities or other loud and busy places as much as possible.

Donna Nason (dwarf barbarian)

image & figure of beardless dwarf, head shaved on right side, long rainbow hair on left; black tattoos around eyes, 3 diagonal slash scars on face; purple & leather fur outfit; holding large bloody double-bladed axe and sitting in a rugged wheelchair

Donna Nason is a fierce Barbarian and a quadriplegic dwarf with black tattoos around her eyes, and she has three diagonal slash scars on her face. She has long rainbow hair on one side and a shaved head on the other. Donna wields a large bloody double-bladed axe while sitting in a rugged wheelchair. To help her move around and fight, she has a special wheelchair accessory called the “Wheelchair Ram”.

Jaydrey Forewood (Halfling Sorcerer)

image & figure of fem halfling with cleft palate in tan dress, green satchel, holding up flowers

Jaydrey Forewood is a halfling sorcerer with a cleft palate, a split in her skin and skull on the front of her face that makes it difficult for her to blend into crowds. She has a background in herbal medicine and is known for her ability to grow a variety of herbs. Jaydrey’s parents died from a plague while helping others in a village, and she contracted the same illness while trying to save them. She was saved by a silver-haired woman who brought her to a mountain chalet and nursed her back to health.

Zilji Larka (gnome wizard)

image & figure of Gnome with shortened arms, 2 fingers on right hand; 3 fingers on left hand. Wearing pink & gray clothing, tan backpack, green wide-brimmed hat with attached small tools

Zilji Larka is a rock gnome wizard with ectrodactyly, meaning he has shortened arms and missing fingers. He wears pink and gray clothing, a green wide-brimmed hat with attached small tools, and carries a tan backpack. He has adapted his spells’ somatic components to work within his physical range and uses Mage Hand to assist with tasks. Zilji is lighthearted, helpful, and enjoys challenging people’s expectations of him through humor.

Orrelius (human paladin)

image & figure of Armored paladin holding a braille book and magic staff, sword on his back, scars on his eye. Orrelius written in braille below him.

Orrelius is a battle-scarred human paladin, whose unwavering devotion to his divine calling has given him the strength to overcome countless trials. He carries a sword, braille book, and magic staff, as a result of his permanent blindness, and he is a formidable warrior and healer. Orrelius radiates a calm and reassuring presence, inspiring his allies to fight with courage and hope.

Lechlun Adarian (human wizard)

image & figure of Man with facial difference, grey fluffy hair, red headband, black cloak with green hand shapes, green shirt, a ball of black energy floating above his lifted right hand

Lechlun Adarian is a human wizard with Treacher Collins Syndrome, which results in unique facial features including underdeveloped cheekbones and jaw, downward-slanting eyes, and a notch in the lower eyelids. Lechlun’s most notable ability is his Oblivion manipulation, which allows him to cast powerful spells such as Sphere of Annihilation and Touch Oblivion.

Hadarai Liadon (elf rogue)

image & figure of Hairless elf with gold headband, white loose pants, flowing sashes, rapier

Hadarai Liadon is a nonbinary (fae/faer/faerself) elf with alopecia areata, a hairless figure wearing a gold headband, white loose pants, flowing sashes, and carrying a rapier. Hadarai struggled with faer hair loss in the past but has since accepted it and presents themselves with either quiet confidence or as the loud center of attention, depending on the situation.

Rivaan Linxakasendalor (blue dragonborn ranger)

image & Figure of Blue dragonborn with dwarfism sitting on a sack in a wheeled sled aiming a shortbow, 2 javelins in sled

Rivaan Linxakasendalor is a blue dragonborn ranger with diastrophic dysplasia, a type of dwarfism. She uses a wheeled sled as an assistive device for mobility and carries a shortbow, javelins, and a dagger for combat.

Veritas Cadell (tiefling rogue)

image & figure of A tiefling with a puzzle cube in one hand and a bone crutch in the other, toes turned inward

Veritas Cadell is a tiefling rogue with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which affects its movement. Veritas uses forearm crutches to move around but can climb walls as quickly as it walks. Veritas is fascinated by ancient civilizations and cultures and works with archaeologists to uncover their secrets, while expressing deep respect for the creators of these ancient artifacts.

Eilwynn Ilaras (elf druid)

image & figure of Fem elf in green dress, sitting on rock, holding leafy staff, a ghostly wolf behind.

Eilwynn Ilaras is a high elf druid who struggles with anxiety and worrying about the future. Her anxiety manifests as periodic episodes of panic and nervousness, which affect her concentration and ability checks. She overcomes these episodes by using breathing and grounding exercises with her staff or by shifting into her preferred wild shape of a wolf.

Aderyn Lloyd (half-elf rogue)

rogue in hood with spiked shoulders, sitting by a map, holding cartography tools; figure of rogue in hood with spiked shoulders, sitting in a wheelchair, holding cartography tools

Aderyn Lloyd is a half-elf rogue with fibromyalgia and other invisible disabilities, represented by their figure in a wheelchair. They are a skilled cartographer and love to explore and map out new places. Aderyn has a quick wit and is always ready for a challenge, whether it’s a physical one or a mental puzzle to solve. They have a rebellious streak and are not afraid to go against authority if they feel it’s necessary. Aderyn is fiercely loyal to their friends and will go to great lengths to protect them. They have a love for adventure and excitement but also value their independence and autonomy.

Moonmaeven (elf druid/bard) and Freckles (emotional comfort dog)

image & figures of light blue-skinned elf wearing a crystal crown, holding a necklace pendant, wearing a cloak with constellations on the inside, standing next to a large St. Bernard dog.

Moonmaeven is a high elf Druid/Bard with light blue skin, a crystal crown, and a cloak with constellations on the inside. She also has an emotional comfort animal, Freckles, a large St. Bernard dog, and lives with anxiety and memory loss.

Dread (tiefling warlock)

image & figure of tiefling warlock with staff and raven

Dread is a blind tiefling warlock with a raven on one horn. They have learned to navigate the world without sight, compensating with other senses. Dread has difficulty forming relationships and trusts no one, but will help others if they perceive an opportunity to do so.

Rohna Ginnsley (human bard)

image & figure of human with long dark brown hair, purple hat, multicolor dress, sitting in a wheelchair with 4 arms made of connected spheres, holding teapot & cup on right and paintbrush & board on left. Hubs and arm spheres have Hebrew inscription on them

Rohna Ginnsley is a human bard with multiple sclerosis who uses Rohna’s Manipulative Mobility, her assistive device, a metal and wood wheelchair with four arms made of connected spheres that can be controlled with her thoughts. She is warm, soft-spoken, and compassionate, always willing to help others with a large smile and a cup of tea.