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Explore Stoneharbor! New ancestries, adventure hooks, NPCs, & maps for your D&D campaign. Inclusive, diverse, and ready for any world. #DnD #TTRPG


Discover the vibrant port city of Stoneharbor, meticulously crafted to enhance your tabletop roleplaying campaigns. This supplement offers a rich and detailed setting that emphasizes inclusivity and representation, seamlessly integrating with any campaign world.


  • Adventure Hooks: 36 new adventure hooks to inspire quests and storylines.
  • Ancestries: 7 new ancestries, including Shathun dwarves, minotaurs, amphibian Anurian, and Tinkerlings, providing diverse character options.
  • Heritages: 3 unique heritages reflecting the diverse cultures of Stoneharbor.
  • Backgrounds: 7 new backgrounds tailored to the city’s environment and history.
  • NPCs: 7 fully developed NPCs to enrich interactions and drive the narrative.

Innovative Elements

  • Immersives: Underwater vessels equipped with Elemental Air Gateways for air regulation, pressure control, buoyancy, and propulsion.
  • Stream Silks: Magical sails that enhance sea travel efficiency.
  • Accessibility Features: Including aqueducts and specially designed merfolk wheelchairs, ensuring all characters can navigate the city with ease.

Maps: Includes an 8K map in various grid formats, an animated map, and a version scaled for Virtual Tabletop (VTT) use.

Formats: Available in PDF, ePub, Text (txt), Digital Braille (brf), and Narrative Audio (mp3, in production—purchase now and get a download link when available).

Stoneharbor is designed to make your roleplaying sessions more immersive and inclusive, offering tools to create a rich and diverse narrative. Perfect for any campaign setting, Stoneharbor helps you build a more engaging and representative world for your players.

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