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Responding to the OGL 1.2v1 Survey #opendnd — 36 Comments

  1. Got this in my Google discovery feed.
    Excellent. Read through the whole piece, and I hope more people read it. Now if only someone was actually paying attention over there in the den of thieves.

    Glad I know about your site now.

  2. God damn that was a masterpiece! Unfortunately we have to understand the era of DND as we knew it is over. Maybe the average Joe won’t care enough about this and be happy with DND beyond and or the future that wotc has for them. Dunno how true that is but it’s for sure we won’t go back to the way it was. It’s a shame that, that’s what happens when you have the bosses not interested in the product (they never really played it) and just care on extracting as much money as possible. How is that even possible in today’s age? Do you think ford would be such a big brand if Henry Ford was y what ever just make something and charge as much as possible or valve with steam? Imagine Gabe Newell not caring about gaming. There are many more examples of companies being successful only because their leaders had a vision and a passion for what that company did

  3. Very well worded, you wrote succinctly and leave nothing out. I will be leaving my own reply to the license, making many of the same points as you, and my only regret is that it won’t be as well written as your own 🙂

  4. has anyone asked Hasbro how much they want. As a community why don’t we just buy dnd from them. We just need a number and a go fund me. I suspect that if Hasbro gives a number regardless of how big the community will raise the money in less then a week. Then we release all of dnd under an unrestricted, irrevocable, open license. i.e. public domain

    • I’ve suggested that D&D would be better served with a nonprofit handling it. I suspect after all this plays out, Hasbro will be putting WotC, or at least the D&D brand, on ebay. I wonder whether there’s some rich benefactor out there who would be willing to buy it for bargain basement prices once their strategy blows up in their faces.

  5. Wow! A truly amazing response. You’ve brought up issues that I hadn’t even considered, but are legitimate points. In one post You’ve gotten yourself a new fan.

  6. I never thought I’d come across a more toxic fandom than Star Trek, but here we are. The following comment is in no way related to any “generation”, but talk about entitled. You guys are mad at Wizards because Paizo looked around, said “Well, there’s no rule saying dogs can’t play basketball” and ruined it for everyone.
    Come off your high horses and recognize that you live in a capitalist society, that Wizards owns D&D, and if your mad because they’re trying to profit off of your intellectual property, think about how they feel about a bunch of people making themselves rich off of theirs without paying for it.
    And you might try reading that document before you so obviously make up your mind that you’re going to be outraged.

    • Except WoTC opened up the creative process with the OGL 18 years ago. They invited everyone to sit at the table and grow this game. Now that it has grown so financially large, they are back tracking and trying to close the door. Your argument isn’t bad, it’s just 18 years too late. No one made WoTC adopt an OGl. But when you see a creative team clearing 9 million of annual revenue maybe an uninformed executive May ask why are we not making a bigger cut of those profits? (Critical Role). It’s also too bad that WoTC content is trash when compared to the quality of 3rd party material. It’s lazy for them to demand complete ownership of content they are unable to produce. What I see is a child throwing a fit because their friend got a shinier new toy then they did

    • Frankly stupid comment, Mike. You clearly don’t understand IP law, how much the OGL has protected and benefitted WoC for the past 2 decades.

      From a straight business perspective, this will reduce revenue by siloing production into WoC’s publishing house, which simply can’t handle the volume. Quality will drop. Creativity will suffer. People will (and have) move on to systems that do support distributed networks.

      While you’re entitled to your opinion, you seem to lack a basic understanding of IP law, publishing, business, or capitalism, so I think it wise for readers to disregard you.

    • It’s pretty clear the author has read the entire thing, as well as someone in the industry who has dealt with things from the business level.
      Though I have suspicions that Michael Blaster hasn’t.
      Much of what WotC is “licensing” is either public domain or non-copyrightable in the first place.
      For example, dragons have been legends in many parts of the world for over a thousand years.
      Also copyright law, and the lawyers in that specialty, will happily point out that purely functional things, such as instructions, rules, and even the rules of a ttrpg, are examples of that and can not be copyrighted.
      There are things in the game that can be copyrighted, such as Elminster and the Forgotten Realms.
      Though it’s best to let the lawyers sort that stuff out, and many lawyers have been talking about this subject specifically.

  7. While I support most of what you have said. And the comments below have some merit. Fact is WotC owns what everyone is bitching about. And seem to have FORGOTTEN what the purpose of OGL was. DENIE IT all you want the OGL was made to bring WotC content. Not start your own company dipshits.

    • Seriously?

      “Hey, Clark Peterson! Yes, you, one of the non-WotC lawyers who was involved in the negotiations over the terms for the OGL? It wasn’t supposed to let you start Necromancer Games, how could you have missed that? I mean, sure, you were in routine communication with WotC during the entire time the OGL was being written and refined, you were public and open you were starting a company, and WotC even licensed your new company additional older D&D content for you to publish, but this random Internet poster speaking more than two decades knows the OGL’s intent better than you do!”

  8. Excellent response. As a small content creator, your words and breakdown is as easy to understand as DnD Shorts’ videos. Than you for this. <3

    I'm glad this came up in my Google feed. Signing up for the weekly newsletter!

  9. I’m sorry to say that I found this website due to the OGL nonsense that is currently happening, but I am glad that I did nonetheless.

    This was thorough, detailed, free of excessive hyperbole and I appreciated every bit of it. I especially appreciated using your own work on player accessibility as a primary example to highlight the severity of just one of the many issues at play with the smoldering dumpster-fire that they are trying to foist upon us and the industry as a whole.

    I’m not one for signing up for newsletters et cetera, but I now look forward to receiving yours. Keep up the wonderful work.

  10. This was such a great and sad read, thanks to your answers I have a better understanding on how limiting and belittling this new OGL is.

    Aside from that you have given me a good insight in the troubles some players might face and the effort into making the game playable for them.

  11. “DENIE IT all you want the OGL was made to bring WotC content. Not start your own company dipshits.”

    The OGL wad a deal, not a gift.

    WotC got great content which massively grew their fan base and customers. In return the content creators got secure businesses.

    The people that are distressed by WotC breaking that deal have every right to be upset and to fight. They are not the dispshits mate. Maybe look in a mirror.

    • A deal. ROTFLMAO….. stupidty abounds. Sure . So why did the publishers get paid .. why the fuck are they charging on a open LICENSE. Basically you want the original artist to give up there rights. And the original ogl. States they can tell you to take a hike and not give a shit about you. And do you want to know why….. look out the window. See all the other people who can and will by there product… not petulent children upset the y have to pay 20% ish. As I see it the “independent publishers are killing Dungeons and Dragons. And by the way I don’t buy campaigns. Make my own because I am not a child.

  12. I am a Disabled military veteran with multiple disabilities, I go back to when Chainmail was Supplement. The 1970’s/1980’s Moral Panic, BADD, the Lawsuits. Then came DND 4th Edition and now this cesspool.
    WE, the fans, the gamers, WE need to buy Hasbro/WOTC/DND or Sue those entries or leave, in drove to some other System

    • Thank you for your service.

      But what I hate is when former/retired military think because they when too war gives them a leg up on the rest of us.

      Now who or what could take dnd. Pazio, I am sure they would love that… and maybe do a good job at it. Or maybe we start seeing rape in campains and hate speak,
      You didnt get pissed at Microsoft for killing windows 7. And look at wizards response. They do care about their product. They also know they can piss off everyone.
      They have more info them the rest of us. We don’t get the whole picture. Maybe this is pazio’s fault entirely. Maybe it’s greed. If it was I think pazio would be shuttered on dnd. And wizard said that your past content was your own. 750,000. That’s the magic number for most. And it should be profit not total cost. I am not against the gamer. Or content creation/ors
      I am against the death of DnD.

      From everything that has been said. I don’t know. 3rd party publishers fill a creative GAP that will become mass…..wait 18 years of a free open license… 18 year to leave a stamp on the industry. And yeah why would wizard want to be able to say darn, that’s awesome! Let’s publish it. For most who don’t have a publishing company. Would be FUCKING thrilled to have wizards publish their content. I would be.

      And do you guys really think in this day and age that Hasbro would not consider disabilities. And everything else they do. Non content creators do not have much in this bag. We don’t. From what I can tell is the publishers and wizard’s are dragging the gamers in to fight and letting us argue there point. Ready for the nail.. pazio is worth 34.7 mil with 156 employees. So who’s fight are you really fighting. 34.7 mil off of someone’s else IP and Art. Wow…. and they haven’t feed ANY money into the core… Now for wyrmworks, looking at they company, small independent company lached on to pazio pretty tightly . I get there stance. Or his/hers.

      • “And do you guys really think in this day and age that Hasbro would not consider disabilities.”
        Yeah, because they just drafted up a license that says you’re not allowed to consider disabilities.

        • “”Calvin M on January 24, 2023 at 12:06 pm said:
          “And do you guys really think in this day and age that Hasbro would not consider disabilities.”
          Yeah, because they just drafted up a license that says you’re not allowed to consider disabilities.””

          So that was not difficult to reread the 1.2 draft. 6 pages. Now I May be a id10t (IT joke), but oddly enough I could not find any on the 1.2 stating that your not allow to consider disabilities… what are you a asshole. Do you all need to charge a disable kid for your rules to play or would you now post it under a OGL and let them use it for free. In which case if wizards found something they dont like than they can send out a C&D to the offender. AND It state that wizard are creators, and most likely then they have used the history of the under dark like you did and make a new drow campaign much like your own… Now being the owners of said content instead of competing your 5000$ usd per year income. that they dont care about, they just say that’s to close to our stuff. No. here it is https://www.dndbeyond.com/attachments/39j2li89/OGL1.2_DraftForDiscussionPurpose.pdf page and line prove it …

        • And proves my point . When the only thing ohh right your not a complete being. Or you would be able to infer. Or not … wait…. weight… what oh right I don’t really care…..

          I really left it as bait..

          Why was that the only thing in the argument you had a objection to, was my grammatical errors.

          If you really wanted to shine me, You could have ran it word and repost it.

  13. Excellent! Thanks for putting this put there. I didnt know that their where people actually representing in the way that you do. I hope you find a way to keep it up.
    May I suggest checking out Basic Fantasy RPG Project? They are still activly encouraging ppl to use and create for it, almost non-profit.

    • We’re not stopping. In fact, we’re expanding. We sent our strategy to our email subscribers today and will be posting it soon, because you know what’s bigger than D&D in the TTRPG space? The entire RPG space!

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  15. As I’m sure you are aware, WotC has recently released a survey on OGL 1.2.

    In response to this survey, Cint Group was prompted to host a similar survey. It is important to share unbiased data on this topic, which is why a third-party hosting it is important. The difference in the Cint Group survey is that the raw data will be made available to the public. The community deserves transparency. Open gaming should mean open surveys. https://selfserve.decipherinc.com/survey/selfserve/20af/230052?list=1

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