Rose Gold Dragon: Draconic Omnibus, Vol. 1

Rose Gold Dragons are known for their love of children. Stories abound of children lost in the wilderness or at sea who are rescued by a rose gold dragon or some other creature of a similar hue.

At the same time, these stories have sometimes grown darker, with suspicion that questions the motivations of these creatures, and anytime a child goes missing in the vicinity of a rose gold dragon layer, the dragon becomes the primary suspect.

Download at DriveThruRPG
Download at DriveThruRPG

This supplement includes:

  • Full All-Ages Stat Blocks complete with Legendary and Lair Actions
  • Dragon Background Option Charts
  • Associated Creatures
  • Implied Abilities based on their stat blocks
  • Spellcasting
  • Lair and Hoard Details, including combat strategies based on age
  • 2 New Magic Items
  • 1 New Spell
  • Ideas for using the dragon in your campaign
    • Dragon as Group Patron
    • And more…
  • Ideas for using the dragon with your character
    • Contact
    • New Warlock Patron
    • New Paladin Oath
    • Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline variation
    • New Bard College
    • New Monk Way
    • Dragonborn variation
    • New Character Background

This supplement includes details to include this dragon in the Caphora: The Divided Continent campaign setting from Wyrmworks Publishing, but it can also be  used as-is by changing a few location names in any campaign setting.

All creature and character options are available in the D&D Beyond Homebrew section. Just search for author: doulos12.

Draconic Omnibus

How well do you really know the dragons? Sure, you’ve memorized their stat block, but these are intelligent complex beings who affect the world and your characters so much more than a big lizard in a cave! Welcome to the Draconic Omnibus, a multi-volume set detailing the canon 5e dragons and some new varieties to round out the set.