Run a #TTRPG for 100+ players at once with Crowdplay

A Little Trouble. A 5e Crowdplay Adventure. Wyrmworks Publishing 5 goblins and a dire wolf on a forest road

What’s the ideal number of players for a TTRPG game? Five or six? What about dozens? Or hundreds?

What if you wanted to run a Dungeons and Dragons 5e game for hundreds of players, most of whom have never played a TTRPG, all at the same time? Introducing Crowdplay, a solution that allows presenters to run immersive encounters for dozens or even hundreds simultaneously!

What is Crowdplay?

Crowdplay is simplified, streamlined system for teaching D&D 5e basics through shared narrative encounters. A presenter explains the game and uses “Table GMs” to facilitate the encounter. A Table GM needs no experience with Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop roleplaying games. The Crowdplay system uses simplified rules that anyone can use without experience.

Playing out the Encounter Ability Check • Roll 1D20 • Add your ability modifier • Roll equal or higher to succeed Critical Rolls • Crit Success: Natural 20 • Crit Fail: Natural 1| Advantage/Disadvantage • Advantage: Roll twice, choose the highest • Disadvantage: Roll twice, choose the lowest; 5 goblins and a dire wolf on a forest road

Key features:

  • Designed for large groups of any experience level
  • Focuses on core TTRPG mechanics: Ability Checks, Initiative, Advantage/Disadvantage, and, for some extra fun, critical successes and failures!
  • Built on 5e to prepare players for full 5e play
  • Demonstrates that experience is not necessary to have fun as a Dungeon Master
  • Can be used in-person, online, or both at the same time
  • It’s free to download and use
ginger masculine dwarf  in platemail holding ax and spiked shield

Teach TTRPGs Anywhere!

We designed Crowdplay to answer the question, “What is Dungeons & Dragons?” through a fun interactive demonstration. We tested it at a non-gamer event with 100 players, including 6–8 attending via Zoom. 5–6 total attendees had ever played a TTRPG before, and we updated the design based on that test.

Dale, a middle-aged white man, standing at a podium, talking with hands in the air, a screen behind him showing players at a D&D table and What Is D&D?

We designed the final product to be usable in nearly any setting, such as:

  • Business Conferences
  • Family Reunions
  • Motivational Speaker events
  • Classrooms
  • Neighborhood Barbecues
  • Gaming Conventions
  • Tween Birthday Parties and Slumber Parties
  • Church Youth and/or Family Events
  • Those times when a horde of kobolds invade your home looking for entertainment (As we’ve all experienced!)

A Little Problem: Examine the Kit

This all-in-one resource includes all of the files you need to run a Crowdplay game:

Woman in platemail & brown clothes, hands have ulnar drift deformity and gauntlets with brace, holding sword, left foot on helmet; Naiara Trevica Human, Fighter, She/Her A mercenary who can relax and laugh when off-duty and fights hard when working. If you challenge her, you will pay. Ability 土 Prof Total N Strength & +3 +2 +5 Dexterity +2  +2 • Constitution tu +2 +2 +4 Intelligence -1  -1 • • Wisdom +1  +1 NU Charisma X +0  +0 Casting Ability: -    Hit Points Armor Class 15 Initiative Proficiency +2 * Actions Longsword. +5 to hit. 1 Damage Crossbow. +2 to hit. 1 Damage. Possessions® Brace & Compression Gauntlets for Arthritis in hands Plate Armor 20 Crossbow Bolts in quiver Backpack Tinderbox (Fire starting kit) Waterskin 3 Torches Mess Kit Whetstone Shovel

  • Presenter’s guide PDF with tips for facilitating Crowdplay sessions.
  • PowerPoint presentation file to visually set up the narrative and mechanics.
  • Pregenerated character sheets representing a wide range of diverse heroes to demonstrate the limitless character possibilities that tabletop games offer
  • Comprehensive Table GM guide for coordinating the encounter in person and across multiple “virtual tables” using apps like Zoom, with insider info on enemies, adjudicating ability checks, initiative chart, encounter management chart, and more.
  • An escort mission with an encounter facing hostile goblins, including multiple possibilities for success.

Download it for Free

Download the free “A Little Trouble” Crowdplay kit from DriveThruRPG today so you have it next time someone asks you, “What is D&D?”

Download at DriveThruRPG
Download at DriveThruRPG