Gaining Advantage 035: Minimal Minority Meeples: Researcher Reveals Lack of Diversity in Board Gaming

Gaining Advantage: Making Lives Better through tabletop role-playing games; Wyrmworks Publishing Logo; Disability symbol with wheelchair wheel replaced by d20; Brain with embedded d20; stylized photo of Tonya Pobuda's face with scarf and goggles

We speak with Dr. Tanya Pobuda, an expert on issues of representation and inclusion in tabletop gaming. She shares insights from her groundbreaking research on gender and racial representation in contemporary board gaming.

Throughout the conversation, Dr. Pobuda provides data-driven perspectives on the false narrative that “diversity doesn’t sell” and highlights positive shifts that are possible when inclusive practices are embraced.

0:00 Introduction: Braille in TTRPG
01:50 Interview: Dr. Tanya A. Pobuda
52:49 Patreon Showcase & closing

Manually captioned. Transcript available in the feed and at our website.


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