Braille 5.1 SRD Press Kit

elf with cataracts and amber glasses holding and reading a spellbook with the text of the fireball spell written in braille; sepia paper background, braille above listing the included guides, 5e SRD Braille Transcription

Braille 5.1 SRD & Tutorials

We’re committed to creating a more inclusive gaming experience for everyone. We’re proud to announce the release of the first-ever braille conversion of the 5th Edition System Reference Document (SRD), making the rules of 5th edition accessible to a wider audience of players and creators.


  • Free and downloadable: Available in BRF and BBZ formats for various braille needs.
  • Comprehensive: Includes Player’s Guide, Game Master Guide, Monster Manual, and Spellcasting Guide content.
  • Open access: Released under a CC-BY license for anyone to freely use and adapt.
  • Tutorial included: Equips publishers and homebrew creators with the tools to convert their own content into braille using free software.

This initiative marks a significant step towards a more inclusive TTRPG space. We’re actively working on further accessibility resources and tools, including upcoming tutorials and future plans for truly inclusive core rulebooks.

Braille 5.1 SRD Illustrations & Assets

Braille 5.1 SRD Press Release: pdf / docx / brf

Braille 5.1 SRD Announcement page on our website

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Tutorial Video on YouTube