Disability Questionnaire

We want you to have fun.

When including disabled characters in our game world, what disabilities will take the fun out of the game for you? Think about what you’re ok with in player characters (PCs) that you’ll play with every time. Think about what you’re ok with in non-player characters (NPCs) that you meet sometimes. Talk about specifics with the game master (GM). Ask if you don’t understand a term. You can change your mind at any time in the future. This list is not exhaustive, just broad categories that are often difficult for people to encounter. Feel free to list others below.
Note: All entries automatically delete from our system after 1 day.

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GM Name
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Atypical Movements
(Limping, shuffling, muscle contractions, seizures, etc.)
Confrontational Personalities
(Lack of empathy, irritability, etc.)
Body Difference
(Amputations, limb or face shape differences, etc.)
(Any of the senses)
Loss of Senses
(Blindness, deafness, etc.)
Loss of Control
(Alien Hand Syndrome, Seizures, Addiction, etc.)
Emotional Disturbance
(Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, etc.)
(Parasitic Infections)
Personality Changes
(Plurality, personality disorders, some forms of amnesia)
Reality Disconnect
(Delusions, some personality disorders, etc.)
Skin Disease
(Rash, persistent wounds, acne, etc.)
Degenerative Diseases
(A condition that gradually worsens, often ending in death)
Fluid Discharge
(From skin or an orifice)
Memory Loss
(Various forms of amnesia)
Identity Loss
(Depersonalization, some personality disorders)
(See Tables if desired for others)
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