Wyrmworks Publishing is pleased to offer a commercial license to roleplaying game developers. This license allows developers to create supplements using other roleplaying game mechanics and setting content allowing adventures and other content created by Wyrmworks Publishing to be used in those systems and settings.

By using this license, developers are granted permission to adapt our content for use in their own systems and settings, as long as the adapted content includes a link or other means to purchase the original content from Wyrmworks Publishing. We claim no license or ownership of the adapted content, and the license to create new content can be terminated with a six month notice. If we terminate the license, developers of existing material retain the right to continue to publish their existing material in perpetuity.

Developers may quote enough of the original content to clarify the adaptations but in such a way that it doesn’t replace the original content.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We’re also open to discussing cross-promotional agreements and consulting on adaptations. Happy roleplaying!