Limitless Heroics: The Coloring Book (PDF)


Explore inclusive fantasy art with diverse characters, assistive tools & service animals. Normalize disability, support focus, and foster creativity!


Tabletop Roleplaying Games like Dungeons & Dragons are great equalizers: people of all ages and abilities can play together, cooperatively. What else can do that? Coloring books! So we used the amazing art from Limitless Heroics to create a coloring book for all ages!

48 images include fantasy characters, assistive devices, and service animals.

How does a coloring book make lives better?

  • People like me with ADHD may benefit from coloring to help keep focused during games and other times, and D&D-related coloring books are rare.
  • Put this in a child’s hands, and you instantly normalize disabled heroes in their lives.
  • D&D is for everyone, and so is artistic expression!
  • The pages include quotes from disabled, neurodiverse, and mentally & chronically ill people to teach about their experiences and accessibility.
  • 🎒Service Owlbears🦉 are adorable.

The book also includes a local site license for copying, so schools, clinics, local game groups, and FLGSs can print or copy coloring pages for their local events, clients, and fellow players.

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