Arieni Kettlewhistle (Disabled NPC of the Week) now at DMs Guild

A halfling with shoulder-length black hair with a white poliosis patch in the center. Her eyes are narrow, and her skin is light. She is wearing scale mail with a robe over it, has a sword in her hand and another on her back along with a shortbow attached to her back.

Arieni Kettlewhistle is a fourth level Ranger (Hunter) halfling who happens to have a paralyzed arm, but she has no problem weilding her hand crossbow and short sword in the other hand! She also has Attention Deficit, so she’s easily distracted by interesting plants and fungi, but that hyperfixation makes her a fearsome opponent to vegepygmies and other plant creatures!

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Arieni Kettlewhistle is featured in the Accessible Adventure of the Week, The Ember Elk.

We all have disabled, neurodivergent, and mentally ill people in our lives.  Maybe that’s you. Doesn’t it make sense to have them in our Dungeons & Dragons game, as well? The disabled NPC of the week makes it easy for you to bring characters like that into your game to represent those you care about in real life, to help people become comfortable interacting with people that are different from them, and to normalize disability in all of our lives. Each week, we give you a free NPC with some form of disability that you can plug right into your game, complete with game mechanics taken from the Disabilities and Depth book. Sign up for our newsletter at to get notified of more free weekly content!

Make Lives Better through Role-Playing Games

This character is one piece of a movement within the D&D community to invite, encourage, and include those who have not been, both in the RPG community and nearly everywhere in real life. Wyrmworks Publishing is dedicated to using RPGs to help you make lives better, to provide tools, training, and a community to this end. We believe that this will extend far beyond the ever-growing RPG community as more and more people learn, grow, and give and receive acceptance.

Content Trigger Warnings

This character includes topics of violence.