Rohna Ginnsley (Alternate Sculpt) Printable Miniature STL


Human bard with multiple sclerosis, uses a metal and wood wheelchair with spheres controlled by her thoughts for mobility. Warm, soft-spoken, and compassionate.


Rohna Ginnsley is a human bard with multiple sclerosis who uses Rohna’s Manipulative Mobility, her assistive device, a metal and wood wheelchair with four arms made of connected spheres that can be controlled with her thoughts. She is warm, soft-spoken, and compassionate, always willing to help others with a large smile and a cup of tea. Get the whole Limitless Champions collection with 5e stat blocks, background, personality, trait mechanics, and tips for creating inclusive game worlds with disability representation. Each figure comes pre-assembled on a base for effortless use, and you have the option to print in both 40mm and 28mm scales, with both sizes supported and unsupported for easy 3D printing.

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