Helping you make lives better through tabletop roleplaying games

Founded in 2000 as a hobby site, Wyrmworks Publishing went full time in July 2021, dedicated to providing resources to the tabletop gaming community to enable mentoring and transmission of prosocial values using these same games as a means of modeling and exploring these values in a fantasy setting.

Wyrmworks Publishing produces resources to help tabletop gaming groups make their groups and games more inclusive along with an ongoing monthly podcast, Gaining Advantage.

Wyrmworks Publishing, a division of Making It Better LLC, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a family-run business that allows owners Dale and Teresa Critchley to work together to make the world a better place and still be available to meet their children’s unique needs.

As much as possible, Wyrmworks Publishing seeks to employ freelance creators from marginalized communities, especially disabled, neurodiverse, and mentally and chronically ill, to improve not only the lives of their customers, but also those they hire and work with. Representation means actively giving a platform to the marginalized.

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About Dale Critchley

Dale Critchley, a middle-aged white man with short blond hair, wearing a blue plaid flannel shirt with a white t-shirt beneath with a hand holding a D20 globe. Above the globe, "I user escapism to change the real world," and below, the Wyrmworks Publishing logo, standing if front of a wooden door

Dale Critchley is the owner, lead writer, and chief tea drinker at Wyrmworks Publishing. He’s been playing tabletop role-playing games since 1982 and launched Wyrmworks Publishing as a hobby in 2000 to share his homebrew resources with the world. In 2021, after seeing the power that a TTRPG group can have to change the lives of the participants for the better, he rededicated Wyrmworks Publishing to focus on using TTRPGs to intentionally improve lives and turned a hobby into a full-time pursuit.