Ascent to the Depths of Dread


Climb the depths of dread in this spine-chilling accessible #DnD adventure! Encounter new monsters, navigate complex encounters, and prevent the darkness! #TTRPG #braille


Discover the forbidden tower’s secrets! Brave the depths of darkness!

Embark on a chilling journey with an immersive adventure designed for characters levels 8-10. This gripping tale takes your party on a quest to uncover the mysteries of the Forbidden Tower and confront the nightmarish creatures lurking within.

This adventure is for 4–5 characters, levels 8–10.

Ascent to the Depths of Dread


  • Multiple Accessible Formats: Designed to accommodate accessibility for all players.
    • Dyslexia-Friendly PDF
    • ePub
    • Plain Text
    • Audio (In Progress. Purchasers will get notified when updated.)
    • Digital Braille
  • 3D Dynamic Encounters: The adventure uses a unique navigation method to track movement on a spiral ramp.
  • Engaging Narrative: Navigate a panicked crowd, confront terrifying monsters like the talontulas, and descend into the depths of the Forbidden Tower to confront the dreadfallen.
  • Diverse Adventure Hooks: Choose from various adventure hooks, from seeking powerful artifacts to responding to distress calls, ensuring a customizable and engaging experience for your party.
  • Representation and Accessibility: Embrace inclusivity with considerate mechanics for players with disabilities or different mobility needs.

Adventure Synopsis

Witness a mysterious explosion at the Forbidden Tower and embark on a perilous journey to seal its dark power. Navigate through panicked crowds, confront undead horrors, and seal the gateway to the Negative Material Plane before it’s too late. Along the way, uncover the tower’s dark history and confront the ethereal figures of its builders.

3 New Undead Monsters

  • Dreadfallen: A formidable undead mass of body parts, ready to challenge even the bravest adventurers.
  • Dreadfallen Creeper: Twisted remnants of former adventurers, extensions of the dreadfallen’s collective.
  • Talontula: a pair of zombified hands with blood, linked at the thumbsDisembodied hands that fly like butterflies and crawl like spiders, choking their victims and piercing them with thumb mandibles

Are you ready to brave the unknown and emerge victorious?

Also included: 4K combat maps in gridless and square formats.


Make Lives Better through Roleplaying Games

This adventure is one piece of a movement within the TTRPG community to invite, encourage, and include those who have not been, both in the TTRPG community and nearly everywhere in real life. Wyrmworks Publishing is dedicated to using TTRPGs to help you make lives better, to provide tools, training, and a community to this end. We believe that this will extend far beyond the ever-growing TTRPG community as more and more people learn, grow, and give and receive acceptance.

To that end, this adventure includes disabled NPCs just like in real life and includes encounter notes to account for for disabled PCs.

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