Horror of the Shade


1-shot 5e adventure for level 5/6 characters. Guard a diverse caravan, trapped in a prison dimension by an undead witch-queen. To escape, defeat the witch or help her defeat stone guardians.


The witch queen’s power is growing!

“Horror of the Shade” is an action-packed one-shot for 4-6 level 5/6 characters who guard a diverse caravan. Along the way, they’ll encounter charming satyr Kassios, plant-savvy dragonborn priest Ssauri’yanik, and sound-sensitive dragonborn librarian Tessaria.

Camping amid ancient ruins activates a magical defense, transporting the caravan to a prison dimension. To escape, the characters must defeat undead witch-queen Wrot’idauth or help her defeat immortal stone guardians. This exciting adventure boasts disability representation and a vivid fantasy setting.

For maximum accessibility, “Horror of the Shade” includes adventure text in an accessible PDF, screen reader-friendly format, dyslexia-friendly format, plain text, ePub, and HTML/Audio version. Our goal is to make our products as accessible as possible.

Also included: 4K combat maps in gridless, hex, and square formats.

Make Lives Better through Role-Playing Games

“Horror of the Shade” is part of a larger movement to include those who have been excluded from the RPG and real-life communities. Wyrmworks Publishing uses RPGs to improve lives and provide tools, training, and a supportive community.

With this goal in mind, the adventure features disabled NPCs, reflecting the diversity of real life. By learning and growing, we aim to promote acceptance both within the RPG community and beyond.

This product uses disability mechanics from Limitless Heroics – Including Characters with Disabilities, Mental Illness, and Neurodivergence in Fifth Edition and is included with the full version of that book.

Content Trigger Warnings

This adventure includes death and violence, and undead.


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