Jaydrey Forewood Printable Miniature STL


Halfling sorcerer with cleft palate, skilled herbalist, and orphaned during a plague, saved by a silver-haired woman.


Jaydrey Forewood is a halfling sorcerer with a cleft palate, a split in her skin and skull on the front of her face that makes it difficult for her to blend into crowds. She has a background in herbal medicine and is known for her ability to grow a variety of herbs. Jaydrey’s parents died from a plague while helping others in a village, and she contracted the same illness while trying to save them. She was saved by a silver-haired woman who brought her to a mountain chalet and nursed her back to health. Each figure comes pre-assembled on a base for effortless use, and you have the option to print in both 40mm and 28mm scales, with both sizes supported and unsupported for easy 3D printing.


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