Shrine of the Soil Serpent


Lizardfolk are kidnapping people to summon an ancient serpent god. Can you explore the haunted ruins and stop the cultists from acquiring the staff? Do you have what it takes to save the village? Now available for FoundryVTT! #DnD


Can you stop the serpent god?

Lizardfolk are kidnapping villagers to summon an ancient serpent god. Can you prevent the Soil Serpent’s return?

“Shrine of the Soil Serpent” is a one-shot adventure for 4-5 characters, levels 5-8 (24 levels total). Explore haunted ruins and stop the lizardfolk cultists from acquiring the staff. Can you save the village?

The adventure text is available in accessible PDF formats (screen reader friendly, dyslexia-friendly) plain text, ePub, and HTML/Audio. We strive for maximum accessibility.

Plus, enjoy 4K combat maps in gridless, hex, and square formats.

Are you ready to face the serpent god?

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Make Lives Better through Role-Playing Games

This adventure is one piece of a movement within the D&D community to invite, encourage, and include those who have not been, both in the RPG community and nearly everywhere in real life. Wyrmworks Publishing is dedicated to using RPGs to help you make lives better, to provide tools, training, and a community to this end. We believe that this will extend far beyond the ever-growing RPG community as more and more people learn, grow, and give and receive acceptance.

To that end, this adventure includes disabled NPCs just like in real life.

This product uses disability mechanics from Limitless Heroics – Including Characters with Disabilities, Mental Illness, and Neurodivergence in Fifth Edition.

Content Trigger Warnings

This adventure includes death and violence, undead, and kidnapping.

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