Time Is of the Essence


Investigate the Castle of Lord Remington, who froze guests at his New Year’s Eve gala to steal their time. Defeat him to restore time.


Time is running out!

In this New Year’s Eve adventure, you’ll find yourself at the Castle of Lord Remington, a wealthy historian obsessed with time and immortality. When you arrive, you’ll find the guests at the castle’s grand New Year’s Eve gala frozen in time, suspended in mid-movement and conversation, and it’s up to you to investigate and stop Lord Remington from stealing their time to extend his own life.

As you navigate the castle, you’ll encounter strange time aberrations and enemies, as his time manipulation experiments have caused time on the castle grounds to fluctuate and warp, and you’ll have to use your wits and skills to overcome them.

The adventure culminates in a showdown with Lord Remington and his clockwork constructs, where you’ll have to use your best tactics to defeat him and restore time to its proper course.

With challenging encounters and exciting gameplay, this adventure is perfect for 3-5 players with levels 11-13.

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